Magnetic template

PTG Series

  • Improve production efficiency
  • High universalizable
  • High quality, high precision
  • Safe, flexible and practical
  • Low cost

Tecnomagnete technology

As early as 1980s, Tecnomagnete invented Quadsystem technology, which greatly improved the application of electric permanent magnet in heavy gripping field, and became the pioneer of electric permanent magnet technology.
The new PRESSTEC technology, called QuadsystemTOP by Tecnomagnete, is not only has the characteristics of strong magnetic force, no residual magnetism and no magnetic scattering, but also has great advantages in safety, persistence and reliability.

QuadsystemTOP is now used in the new generation of magnetic products PRESSTEC. It is specially used for injection molding and clamping die. Compared with the traditional system, the system is safe, flexible and practical, and has obvious competitive advantage.
Tecnomagnete technology continues to innovate, and a new generation of pressTec Grip technology is comprehensively promoted, which leads the development direction of electric permanent magnet technology.
Tecnomagnete technology has been imitated, but never been surpassed.


Shorten the time of mold change and improve the efficiency of production

  1. 90% of time of mold installation and disassembly is saved. For the factory with many injection-molding machines, and frequent mold changing, the overall production efficiency is greatly improved by reducing the time to mold change.
  2. Simplify work, save labor and improve workshop management.

High quality, high precision

For multi-cavity clamping, turntable machines and cases where tags or other plugins are required to be inserted, the accuracy and stability of the Hilectro Tecnomagnete magnetic template can provide perfect precision clamping.

Improve the modulus of tolerance, high universatility

  1. It completely avoids the interference of the die when using the manual clamping device or the hydraulic pneumatic die clamper, which is easy to arrange the peripheral connection of the die (water, gas, electricity, etc.), and greatly improve the design degree of freedom of the die.
  2. Mould backplane with fixed size is not necessary. Magnetic plate has strong applicability to the mold, and even can clamp the template larger than the machine mold, with strong universatility.
  3. It can absorb mould backplane equably, to prevent mold from stress and deformation, improve product quality and consistency, and prolong service life of die.

Low cost and enterprise benefit improvement

  1. Except for a few seconds of magnetization and demagnetization, the adsorption state does not require any electrical energy.
  2. There is no more investment in pressure plates, bolts, consumables, hardware and other accessories, and storage space is released.
  3. The invisible cost of hydraulic clamping system, such as fuel consumption and maintenance, will no longer occur.
  4. Maintenance costs approaches zero for late use
  5. Magnetic clamping die can improves the efficiency through improving the stability of mould and reducing the rate of defective products.